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Gracias Pachamama

"I believe we are here to enjoy life with empathy, respect, peace, harmony, and love. But what happened to us? When did we lose that connection with the Earth and the Great Spirit? Can we heal the damage we do to ourselves and to Mother Earth?

The answer is simple: EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU. Accept individual responsibility. Initiate the change from within yourself.

No one else will do it for us."

"This story is my life testimony, where I learned that despite adversities, reconnecting with my faith, inner peace, and connection with the Universal Supreme Consciousness (God) allows me to overcome any obstacle. I discovered that each of us has a unique path to find that inner truth and it is up to us to take the necessary steps in that direction. In my case, it was through my connection with nature that I found balance and experienced moments of profound peace and happiness. However, as I tried to fit into a chaotic society, I realized that life is not just about satisfying the senses or pursuing fame and accumulation. I began to question the purpose of my life and how my actions affected both myself and the planet. Amidst the confusion, I heard impactful words: 'Life is cancer because it eventually kills you.' That motivated me to embark on my own change and work diligently to not end up thinking like that person in the future. I understood that my pain also affected my family and it was my responsibility to do something about it. I know that freeing myself completely from mental chains, ego, and fears will not happen overnight. It is a path of falls and getting back up, of repeating old habits and learning from them. Throughout this journey, I have met wonderful people, visited beautiful places, and experienced both good and bad moments. I have practiced surfing, paddling, cycling, camping, and cooking in different places. I have walked alone in the mountains and visited sacred places in search of spiritual strength. As I progress, I appreciate the difference between my old life and the present. Now, waking up each morning with enthusiasm, gratitude, joy, and energy is enough to motivate me and face the day. I recognize that I will always be a student of life and that by honoring and respecting creation, everything will be even better. Changes take time and dedication, but every day I strive to understand, accept, and not allow circumstances to take me away from my center. Enjoying life, pursuing my passions, and positively contributing to others and the planet is now my main focus. In summary, this story is my personal journey towards spiritual reconnection and the search for my inner truth. I learned to value life, follow my passion, and be aware of my impact on the world and this is one of my reason that i opened this space to share and contribute from my own expirience to know how to live in armonie with ourselfs and with Nature... Pachamama. Ayni Sevā (David L.)

¨When I think of  designing and sharing a program or retreat, I get inspired in all these things  that make me want to be there, because they integrate personal growth with care, respect and conscious connection with the environment.¨



Vive Yoga Naturaleza came in a vision during a period of isolation, Yoga, meditations, master plants and Ayahuasca ceremonies, the feeling of being able to integrate and bring this to my brothers and sisters to contribute in some way to find their own paths filled me with joy and peace immediately as I myself enjoy very much each of these things. And why not? to live and share something that you like to do and that can also help others. This is a simple, sincere and conscious lifestyle that during several years of falling and getting up, discipline, austerities, study and work was created and strengthened to be able to share from my experience an integral alternative tools with the purpose of helping to live experiences that not only remain as a memory but also help to mark the end and the beginning of something in each person and also to have a positive impact not only in us but also in our beautiful Mother Nature. Because by cleaning and tidying up the chaos inside the house we will want to see the same outside.


Philosophies, practices and traditions such as Yoga, Ayurveda or Traditional Amazonian Medicine teach us and help us to understand, change and clean the different layers of patterns, beliefs and conditioning that push us to the place we do not want to go and also teach us and help us to maintain a good and stable physical health, not to fall ill for anything. Mind, body and conscious energy working in harmony.

Adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing, camping are a very direct and powerful way to explore beautiful natural places and landscapes and help us to explore our limits, always taking steps beyond our fears and letting a sense of peace, fulfillment and confidence invade us; so we can feel in a deeper way our strong connection with Mother Nature. It is also a good time to take the opportunity to pick up as much trash as possible and learn how to create the least environmental impact when we set foot in these places.


¨I honor and thank my first teachers (my parents)

and to all my teachers, every person and experience that

I cross my path to teach me how to find

to my inner Maestro.¨

Ayni Seva, ¨Reciprocity, mutual help and selfless service done from the heart

only to serve the purpose of the Great Spirit of Life¨.

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